Last night was the open house for Jonah’s Kindergarten. I was aglow with excitement to finally find out what my son does all day. Afterward, I said to Josh “I’m not sure if that was terribly informative.”
“It’s Borton,” he said. “The adults calmly stand around and smile and the children happily play with their friends. They’re happy. That’s what they do all day.”

This seems to be true. I am particularly amused by us parents who — every morning — mill aimlessly around the courtyard long after the students have gone into class, reluctant to actually leave the school.

“Oh god, I hope I get to student teach here.”

“What you have to do,” he said, “Is start looking at who the old teachers are… and…”


I won’t hex anyone. I will just wish. I wish I get to work at the place where the adults all stand around calmly smiling because they are providing an authentically wonderful experience.

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