You’re in High School Again (Dandoland! Dandoland!)

Part I.

(I can’t find the pictures. I drank half a bottle of wine last night and tore the house more apart than ever looking for them, so I could put them here. One shows a sixteen-year-old Sarah, sitting indian style on a bench at an ice skating rink in Japan, arms folded over her lap looking up and away from the camera, half hidden by a curtain of hair. She is wearing long johns under her busted up jeans. There were angles on her body. The other shows a sixteen-year-old Josh sitting indian style in his grandparents’ living room in Tucson, arms folded over his lap looking up and away from the camera, half hidden by a curtain of hair. He is wearing jeans and some sort of giant coat. He is rail thin and his hair is super long. We both look bemused in these pictures and, since we moved in together, I have danced them around various parts of the house chanting “Twin friends! Twin friends! What if we had known each other in the 90’s?” We have decided that we would listen to the Lemonheads’ It’s a Shame About Ray a lot. We were both really into it. And, though we loved music as only socially isolated teenagers in the mid-90’s could, that is probably our only common beloved album.)

So, Pitchfork is counting down the top 200 songs of the 1990s this week. Their no-repeat-artists rule makes it 200 different bands to remember. We live for this stuff.
Imagine us.
Josh: “You are ruining my countdown by making me listen to this shitty Danzig song that isn’t even on it.”
Cut to an image of us throwdown bump n’ grinding to a Cutty Ranks song.
“Helium used to be pretty good,” Josh said “Then, the singer got all into unicorns and stuff.” (Frown.) We watched the Beavis N’ Butthead featuring the video.
There was a real moment, somewhere at the beginning of the countdown, where one of his all-time favorites (The Auteurs) was followed by two of my all-time favorites (The Afghan Whigs, The Red House Painters). Josh sang parts of the Tindersticks song to me, I sang parts of the Red House Painters one to him.

“How did they decide this was their best song?” We said that a lot.

Then, I rediscovered something: Matthew Sweet’s Girlfriend. My relationship with it, at the time, was that I watched its lame anime video on Mtv. I thought it was a good song and all, but I never got the album, and that was it. Man, this songs rocks it. We listened to it and I danced around the kitchen. I listened to it again the next day and I danced around the kitchen. Unlike a lot of the songs on the countdown, it has aged incredibly well. If I were ever a stripper, it would be my jam.

I have lots more on the pitchfork countdown and on the subject of my husband and I being eternal mid-nineties teenagers, so there will be more posts. But, now I have to do homework.

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5 Responses to You’re in High School Again (Dandoland! Dandoland!)

  1. marshall says:

    I didn’t notice the only one song per band. It makes the list more inane to me. If only because of what Sonic Youth song the picked and where they put it.

  2. marshall says:

    But, hey, at least my all time favorite rap song, Shook Ones Part II made the top 25.

  3. angie says:


    I loved Matthew Sweet. I loved Girlfriend.

    92.1 is doing a “revenge of the 90s” weekend for Labor Day. YES!!! Finally–good songs on the radio. Well, sort of. They are still playing Foo Fighters crap in amongst the Placebo and Belly songs.

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