Decisions are for Suckers

Decisions are for Suckers. Jen sent me a link to this blog this morning because… I am a mess. I was happy to discover this particular post. It perfectly sums up my cowardly, passive-aggressive everything. You may think that I am deciding things, but I’m not. You’re deciding it. So I can blame you for it later. I’m just going to go ahead and embrace that.
Also, I got these high heels in Virginia. They fit me. I can never find high heels that fit me because my feet are baseball mitts. They are Charlotte Russe and, to borrow a term from the late great Judith Reese of Columbus OH, “titty pink”. I don’t have anywhere to wear them, though. Except in my room. So here is that sad reality.

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1 Response to Decisions are for Suckers

  1. Josh says:

    Baby green Elebit is passed out on the floor. Must have been a rough night.

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