Soul Urges

I love astrology. I can’t help it. Or, I could help it, but I don’t want to. It’s too fun and too easy to blame everything on. For instance, did you recently suffer through a massive communication breakdown that began roughly around August 20th? Never fear. This event did not occur because you are hyper-emotional and insecure and it also didn’t happen because you had PMS. It was actually a fated event because, on that day, Mercury went retrograde. Horrible communication breakdowns were the order of the day. All over the world. We couldn’t help ourselves. Everything will be better on September 12th.

I understand that believing in astrology is illogical. I don’t care. I am big fan of the scientific process and recognize that there is absolutely no basis for anything about astrology to be true and I still don’t care. Leave me alone about it and I’ll leave you alone about your stuff. Plus, I’m neutral on the idea of God. Could be. No argument there. I can’t really explain the existence of life, the properties of energy or where everything actually came from. So, why not?

I understand that it is difficult to believe that there are twelve kinds of people. However, it’s hard not to see the similarities between myself and others I know of my sign (Sagittarius). We all like to eat food and get inebriated. We all like to talk and go places just for the hell of it. We’re all friendly and love animals. We all like to read and eat food. We also all like to get inebriated and go places just for the hell of it. We all like to read to friendly animals or live out scenes from Dr. Dolittle. Mix and match.

There are exceptions, of course. Sagittarian Emily Dickinson never left her house. Unfortunately for you and your argument, I have been “studying” astrology for a long time and I understand all of its finer aspects, lesser influences and pressure points. I can explain away an exception to any of its rules with one of its other, less obvious, rules. For instance, both my younger sister and my husband are Scorpios (that is, their sun sign is Scorpio). While they have lots in common (tiny heads, hating talking, never farting in front of their spouses), they have differences, too. Josh loathes astrology whereas my sister, Johanna, texted me to tell me about the Mercury in retrograde thing. I will, off of the top of my head, blame this on their different moon signs. Your moon sign is concerned with how you feel about things. Johanna’s moon is in Aries which is an impulsive and self-centered sign. Josh’s is in Capricorn which is a wet-blankety and control-freaky sign. You could see how a person who is interested in herself would favor astrology whereas a person who does not like having fun would be against it… etc, etc. This is just a hypothesis and, I’m sure, not the actual reason. As someone who also has a stuck-on-herself moon sign (Leo), I don’t really care.

So, yesterday, I saw something great that confirmed my love of astrology. It is from a book by the fantastic Michael Lutin, Childhood Rising. There is a section called “soul urges” and, in it, Lutin lists the things that the people of your sign secretly long for and aspire to. He also tells you which people you look to as “parental figures”. I look to Pisces people as parents which is enormously helpful because both of my parents are actually Pisces people. Here is the all-true list of things I wish I were up to:

Soul Urges for Sagittarius

* To feel out of place everywhere
* To be drunk, drugged, or otherwise zonked out in bed
* To be unavailable for comment
* To be completely emotionally confused
* To join Adult Children of Alcoholics
* To just give up and check into a nursing home
* To build castles in the sand and live near the sea
* To connect deeply with the origins of Christianity
* To completely forgive your parents
* To laugh if the tornado gets your house
* To feel at home everywhere

This is good stuff and totally true. When I read something that dead-on, I don’t care about how dumb astrology is.

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3 Responses to Soul Urges

  1. Sean Maple says:

    A girlfriend once told me that I am a Quadruple Scorpio. She took my birthday (Date, time, geo-coordinates, etc.) and created me this really complex chart that basically said that I am fated to be evil bastard and that I am totally screwed in the eyes of all celestial bodies. Nothing I can do about it. I laughed at the time.
    Yeah. At the time…

    • sarahsurratt says:

      A quadruple Scorpio! You might be satan. Plus, you should hang out with me more often.
      Actually, Scorpios are very powerful, but not evil. You guys get a bad rap. You’re very moral and high-minded. Kind and brave even. We all just fear you, so we say you are bad.

  2. Jessica says:

    I am also a Sagittarius, and several of those seem applicable. I’m kinda sceptical though. No wait, I meant skeptical. Been reading too many British books this week…

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